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Individual links for repositories of records for New Orleans and other areas of research of the Genealogical and Research Society of New Orleans are listed under comprehensive link sites, such as Archival Research Repositories in New Orleans, Cyndi's List of Louisiana Genealogy Sites, Roots Web, U.S. Gen Web, and Louisiana Gen Web. If you know of a site that should be added, please contact the Webmaster.

  • French Genealogy Online
    1.) Determine location:
    Wikipedia France
    Search for the city, i.e. Blaye, and in the profile box to the right will be the regional details
    Family Search
    Enter the name of the town in the Place field. If the town is in their catalog, Department will be listed after the town name.
    2.) Locate departmental archives:
    Family Seach France Genealogy
    Scroll down for links to the department online archives

    France GenWeb
    Scroll down or search (ctrl-F) on department name for links to the department online archives. (connectivity can be erratic)
    3.) Go to department, find "Archives en ligne"
    4.) Search for commune and types of documents (each department maintains their own site - they will vary!)
    FYI - French Republican Calendar Conversion